Texas Alcohol Index - January 2012

Published: 29 March 2012

Austin, TX: Virtue Group, a restaurant research company, announced today the release of the January TAI, the Texas Alcohol Index. The index is an aid to track the vitality and performance of the on-premise alcoholic beverage market in Texas. The index is released monthly, trailing two months. The TAI is intended to aid in assessing the vitality of the on-premise alcohol market in Texas and the entire full-service restaurant market as a whole.

Virtue Group Texas Alcohol Index: TAI

TAI January 2012: 204.24

TAI January 2011: 189.93

Percentage change from January 11: 7.5%
Inflation Rate for January 2011 - January 2012*: 2.93%

* Estimated inflation based on the change in the CPI-U for the period.

What is the TAI?

Monthly economic indicator for on-premise mixed beverage sales in the state of Texas. Monitors monthly gross alcohol sales relative to a base period: January 2000. Tracks growth or decline in the mixed beverage market sales from previous months and from the same month last year.


It's a new year and everyone is excited for what lies ahead. Sales are typically relatively low in January, but this year we noticed a promising start with a respectable 7.53% increase in figures compared to January 2011. The total number of reporting establishment marked a slight drop, but also the inflation rate decreased ever so slightly once again.

Liquor sales started off well with an 8.6% increase compared to the same month last year. Beer sales also reached a relatively high number with a 7.2% rise. Wine was the only one that struggled, whose sales barely increased by 4.8%.